Shopify Free Trial (2024) – Official 30 Days Deal

Shopify offers a 3-day free trial to new users that can be extended to 30 days for $1. 


How To Claim the Shopify Free Trial?

Shopify offers a 3-day free trial to new users that can be extended to 30 days for $1. 

1. Visit the Shopify Free Trial Page

Go to the Shopify website or directly navigate to the free trial page from the top right corner.

2. Enter Your Email Address

You’ll see a field to enter your email address. Fill this in with your email and click on the button to start your free trial.

3. Create Your Store

After entering your email, you’ll be prompted to create a password and name your store. The store name will become part of your temporary Shopify domain (e.g.,

4. Fill Out Your Details

Next, you’ll be asked for a few more details about your store and your experience with selling. This helps Shopify tailor the experience to your needs.

5. Choose A Plan

You’ll see a field to enter your email address. Fill this in with your email and click on the button to start your free trial.

6. Dashboard Access

Select a plan (Basic or Shopify) for your 3-day free trial. You won’t be charged for choosing the plan. 

Shopify Free Trial Features

During the Shopify free trial, you’ll have access to a wide range of features that allow you to set up and test your online store fully. These features include:

Product Management

You can use Shopify’s customizable store themes and a drag-and-drop editor to design your store’s appearance

Marketing Tools

Access to Shopify’s marketing tools to help you reach your audience and promote your products.

SEO Features

Optimize your store for search engines to improve visibility.

Payment Gateway Setup

This is a flexible section where you can share anything you want. It could be details or some information about feature four.

Order Processing

Test the order process from checkout through to fulfillment.


View reports and analytics to understand customer behavior and sales performance.

Shopify Pricing After The Free Trial

Once your 3-day free trial subscription period is over, you will be prompted to subscribe to a paid plan. The plans are categorized into multiple tiers for small to large businesses. You can choose from these Shopify plans according to your sales and eCommerce needs: 



for solo entrepreneurs

Up to 77% shipping discount
10 inventory locations
24/7 chat support
Localized global selling (3 markets)
POS Lite


For small teams

Up to 88% shipping discount and insuarance
10 inventory locations
24/7 chat support
Localized global selling (3 markets)
5 additional staff accounts
POS Lite


as your business scales

Up to 88% shipping discount and insuarance, 3rd party calculated rates
Custom reports and analytics
10 inventory locations
24/7 chat support
Localized global selling (3 markets) + add markets for $59 USD/mo each
15 additional staff accounts
10x checkout capacity
Basic Plan


On a 3 year term

Up to 88% shipping discount, Insurance. 3rd-party calculated rates
Custom reports and analytics
200 inventory locations
Priority 24/7 phone support
Localized global selling (50 markets)
Unlimited staff accounts
checkout with 40x capacity
Sell wholesale/828
200 POS Pro locations with Shopify Payments
As I mentioned above, the free trial is available for Basic and Shopify plans. The $1 for 1 month is applicable for all the plans except the Shopify Plus plan. 
After the paid trial, you will be charged the regular amount, as explained in the table. 
If you want to save money, pay upfront by choosing the annual subscription. It will give you a flat 25% discount on monthly plans. 

Shopify Free Trial For Black-Owned Businesses 

Shopify and Operation collaboratively started the “1 Million Black Businesses (1MBB)” program in 2020. It’s designed to help new businesses provide support and resources so they can thrive and grow. The goal of this program is to scale one million Black-owned businesses by 2030. 

Through the Shopify 1MBB program, merchants can get an extended 120-day free trial of Shopify. This is enough time to build an online store from scratch and scale it to new heights. 

Along with the extended trial, you will also get educational resources, mentorship, marketing opportunities, and financial guidance that will help you scale faster. 

Shopify Free Trial History

Shopify experimented with its free trial duration over the years. From 2018 to 2022, they constantly offered a 14-day free trial for regular Shopify users. 

During this period, they also offered 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day free trials to selected merchants through partnerships and promotions that were also stopped. 

Since November 2022, they reduced the 2-week free trial to 3 days. But. they also offered a 3-month trial at $1/month on its Basic plan after the three-day trial. 

Now, new Shopify merchants are left with a 30-day trial at $1 after the initial 3-day trial period. 

Shopify’s free trial options have evolved over time, now offering a 3-day free trial that can be extended to 30 days for just $1. 

Although the 90-day trial at $1/month is no longer available, new users can still take advantage of the current trial to explore Shopify’s exclusive set of eCommerce features. 

After the trial, users can choose from various pricing plans that cater to different business sizes and needs, with the option to save by opting for annual billing. 

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