Shopify is currently offering 30 days of access to its main subscription plans at an unimaginable price with this Shopify $1 deal.

This new Shopify deal is designed to help new users start their online stores without breaking the bank while still enjoying Shopify’s premium features.

Stay tuned as I break down the specifics, and you’ll clearly understand what this deal entails and how it can benefit your budding e-commerce venture. 

Let’s get down to business!

Shopify $1 Offer: Key Takeaways

  • This Shopify $1 offer is a golden opportunity for new users to use any Shopify plan at just $1 for a month. 
  • The new offer is an update to the old offer, where new users can get access to Shopify for three months at the price of $1 per month.
  • Newcomers should use this unique opportunity to test out Shopify’s potential. 

What Is The Shopify $1 Deal?

The Shopify $1 Deal is an offer targeted towards aspiring online entrepreneurs who are considering setting up a store on Shopify. 

As the name suggests, this deal allows you to get started with your own Shopify store for only $1. This is on top of Shopify’s already offered 3-day free trial!

Definition and Scope of the Shopify $1 Offer

This offer means that a new user can sign up to Shopify by paying a dollar and testing any of its three main subscription plans. This access is unlimited and gives you full liberty to use Shopify’s features.

In other words, you’re getting access to a suite of powerful e-commerce tools that usually cost $39 to $399 per month, for just a dollar. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore and understand Shopify’s functionalities without breaking the bank.

Does Shopify Offer $1 for Three Months?

Previously, Shopify offered 3 months for $1 for its free trial offer. However, the offer has now changed to $1 for one month only. 

So, although some people on the internet are still promoting the offer, we hoped we’d keep you on the safer side by knowing the offer expired long back! 

Eligibility Criteria And Available Plans With The Shopify $1 deal

The $1 deal is exclusively available to new users who have never had a Shopify store before. 

Existing users or those who have previously closed their Shopify accounts are not eligible for this offer.

Here are some differences in features of the three plans to help you choose the right plan for your first month with the $1 Shopify offers:

FeaturesBasicShopify Advanced
Additional Staff accounts15
24 x 7 support Via live chatVia live chatVia enhanced live chat
AnalyticsStandardStandardCustom reports and analytics
Shipping DiscountUp to 77%Up to 88%Up to 88%
Online standard card rates2.9% + 30¢2.7% + 30¢2.5% + 30¢
Shopify TaxFirst $100K free, 0.35% afterFirst $100K free, 0.35% afterFirst $100K free, 0.35% after
Localized Selling with custom markets3 markets3 markets3 included + $59/mo per added active market

Which Plan Should You Go For?

Ideally, you should choose a plan that fits your business, its requirements, and future projections.

But, as a beginner who has no experience in the e-commerce marketplace, you should take things step by step start with the most basic “Shopify Basic” plan, and move on to higher plans as your business grows. 

How To Claim The Shopify $1 Deal?

The Shopify $1 deal is a promotional offer designed to attract new users to Shopify’s platform. But how can you avail of this offer? Let’s break it down:

Step 1: First, you’ll need to sign up on Shopify’s platform. From their official website, click on “Start the free trial” to sign up. 

Shopify - Click Start Free Trial

Step 2: Answer a couple of questions Shopify asks to personalize your experience. For demonstration, I’m going to skip these.

Answer A Couple Of Questions

Step 3: Select the country of the business residence and click “Next.”

Select The Country Of The Business Residence

Step 4: Sign up to Shopify by linking your email, Gmail account or any other source.

SIgn Up To Shopify

Step 5: Wait till Shopify builds your store.

Wait Till Shopify Builds Your Store

Step 6: Now that your store is created, you are officially on the Shopify free trial period. From your dashboard, click on “Select a plan” to proceed.

Existing free trial users can start claiming their $1 deal from this site.

Your Store Is Now Created

Step 7: In this step, you can now select the Shopify plan of your choice and get started using Shopify for $1 for your first month.

Select The Shopify Plan

Step 8: Lastly, upon selecting, you may proceed to complete your payment.

Ensure the time period and the renewal cycle that the offer lasts and proceed to “Subscribe.”

Complete Your Payment

And that’s all you need to do to avail of the Shopify $1 deal for your first month!

Setting Up Your Shopify Store: A Beginner’s Guide

Starting your e-commerce journey with Shopify? Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice. But where do you begin? Let’s break it down for you.

Step 1: Sign Up

As seen above, signing up to Shopify is easy as pie, but remember to pick your store name carefully—it can’t be changed later.

Step 2: Set Up Your Online Store

Set Up Your Online Store

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be directed to your store admin screen. Now it’s time to customize your store to reflect your brand. 

You can choose from a range of Shopify free and paid themes, from sleek and modern designs to something a little more quirky.

Step 3: Add Products

Add Products

Next, you’ll want to add your products. This step is straightforward—simply click on “Products” in the Shopify admin, then “Add product.” Fill in the details, including title, description, and price, then click “Save.”

Step 4: Set Up Payment Methods

 Set Up Payment Methods

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you can get paid. Shopify makes it easy to set up payment methods. You can choose from various options, including Shopify Payments, credit cards, PayPal, and more.

Remember, setting up your Shopify store is just the beginning. It’s a continuous process of optimization and refinement to ensure your store meets your customers’ needs and aligns with your brand.

Maximizing The Value Of The $1 Deal

This first month at just $1 is an incredible opportunity to explore and harness the full potential of this platform. Let’s explore how to make the most out of this deal.

Strategy 1: Use The Time To Learn

One month is ample time to learn the ins and outs of the platform. Use this time to familiarize yourself with Shopify’s features, navigation, and tools.

Strategy 2: Test Different Themes And Layouts

Since you’ve got time on your side, why not experiment with different themes and layouts? Find what resonates with your brand and what appeals most to your customers.

Strategy 3: Experiment With Marketing Techniques

Shopify offers various marketing tools, such as email marketing, social media integration, and SEO tools. 

Use these 30 days to test different marketing techniques and see what works best for your store.

What Happens After Your Shopify Free Trial Ends?

When your Shopify Free trial of 3 days ends, you have the option to renew your subscription to a paid Shopify plan which starts from $39 per month with the Shopify Plan. You can check the complete Shopify Pricing plans here.

Or, if you still need time to make up your mind, you can grab any of the Shopify plans for another 30 days at just $1 to see if Shopify fits your needs.

Lastly, if you don’t think Shopify is right for you, you can leave the store as it is, and it will be paused, or you can deactivate it when your free trial ends. 

Wrapping Up: The Shopify $1 Is A Value Proposition

What does this all boil down to? Well, if you’re a new entrepreneur considering e-commerce, the Shopify $1 deal offers an opportunity that’s not present anywhere. 

While it may not be a game-changer for established businesses, it certainly provides a stepping stone for those just starting out.

In the world of e-commerce, every dollar saved is a dollar that can be reinvested back into your business. So, why not take advantage of this offer and set your entrepreneurial journey in motion with this Shopify $1 deal?


Can you claim a Shopify free trial without a credit card?

You can claim a Shopify free trial without a credit card. Shopify offers a 3-day free trial that you can start without providing any credit card details.

What payment methods are accepted by Shopify?

Apart from its own Shopify Payments method, Shopify accepts a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as other popular methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Does Shopify offer refunds?

As per Shopify’s policy, Shopify does not offer a refund for the payments made on its subscription plans.

What are the limitations of the Shopify free trial?

The primary limitation of the Shopify free trial is the 3-day window, and you cannot sell products or services during the trial as the checkout will be disabled.

What happens to my account if I don’t purchase the plan after the free trial?

If you do not choose a paid plan after the free trial ends, your Shopify account will be automatically paused. You won’t be charged, and your store will remain as you left it but locked. You can reactivate your account anytime by selecting a paid subscription package

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