Shopify offers a range of pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes, starting at $5 per month with the Shopify Starter plan for website-less social media selling. 

The three standard Shopify plans – Basic, Shopify, and Advanced – are tailored to suit different online businesses.

The Shopify POS system and the enterprise-level Shopify Plus plan provide additional options for in-person selling and high-growth businesses.

But which plan amongst these suits an e-commerce seller like you best economically? 

Scroll further to learn more and find ways to save the maximum on your next Shopify purchase!

Shopify Pricing – Key Takeaways

  • Shopify’s plans range from $5 monthly with the Starter plan to $399/mo for the large-scale Shopify Advanced plan.
  • Apart from the three standard plans, Shopify offers separate starter POS, Shopify Plus, and Enterprise solutions.
  • Shopify charges transaction fees that vary according to the payment method, country, and the plan subscribed to by the user.
  • You can use any Shopify plan for just $1 for your first month, along with other ways to save money.

Shopify Pricing Plans Detailed Analysis

Before we jump into the criticalities, here’s a quick summary of the main Shopify plans and how they compare against each other.

Shopify PlansBasicShopifyAdvanced
Price$39 USD/mo$105 USD/mo$399 USD/mo
Inventory locations101010
Added Staff account access515
24*7 supportLive chatLive chatEnhanced live chat
Shipping discountup to 77%up to 88%up to 88%

1. Shopify Basic Plan – $29 Per Month (Billed Annually)

The Shopify Basic plan and the most popular Shopify plan, priced at $29 per month when billed annually, is affordable for small businesses just starting their online sales journey. 

It includes unlimited products, one staff account, basic reporting, and access to Shopify’s POS system for in-person transactions. 

Shopify Basic Plan

The online credit card rates for the Basic plan are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, while the in-person rates are 2.6% and $0.10. 

Key Inclusions: 

  • Unlimited products
  • 1 staff account only
  • Basic reporting
  • Access to Shopify’s POS system for in-person transactions
  • Multichannel selling

Best for Small businesses with basic ecommerce needs and occasional in-person sales.

2. Shopify Plan – $79 Per Month (Billed Annually)

The mid-tier Shopify plan, costing $79 per month when billed annually, is designed for growing businesses that sell both online and in-store. 

Shopify Plan

This plan offers five staff accounts additionally, standard reporting, and up to 88% shipping discounts. The online credit card rates for the Shopify plan are 2.6% plus $0.30 per transaction, and the in-person rates are 2.5% + $0.10.

Key Inclusions: 

  • 5 staff accounts
  • Standard reporting
  • Up to 88% shipping discounts
  • Offers API PII access 

Best for Established businesses that need more advanced features to support their growth.

3. Shopify Advanced Plan – $299 Per Month (Billed Annually)

The Shopify Advanced plan, priced at $299 per month when billed annually, caters to large-scale businesses with complex needs. It includes +15 staff accounts, advanced reporting, real-time carrier shipping rates, and more. 

Shopify Advanced Plan

The online credit card rates for the Advanced plan are 2.5% plus $0.30 per transaction, and the in-person rates are 2.4% + $0.10 in-person

Key Inclusions: 

  • 15 staff accounts
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Real-time carrier shipping rates
  • Up to 88% shipping discount, insurance, and 3rd-party calculated rates offered
  • Improved enhanced live chat support.
  • 10 times the checkout capacity.

Best for: High-volume businesses that require sophisticated sales tools and reporting.

Other Shopify Paid Plans

Apart from the basic Shopify plans, there are other ways to get subscribed to Shopify that are catered to distinct needs. 

1. Shopify Starter Plan – $5 Per Month

The Shopify Starter plan, at $5 per month, allows users to sell products directly on social media and messaging platforms without a standalone online store. 

Shopify Starter Plan

It includes basic sales features, such as order management and analytics, but lacks the customization options of the other plans. 

This plan is best suited for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to test the waters of social media selling.

Key Inclusions:

  • Sell on social media channels like Facebook
  • Communicate with customers using Messenger
  • Add purchase links to existing websites
  • Unlimited product pages
  • Contact page
  • Shopping cart for multiple purchases

Best for: Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to test the waters of social media selling.

2. Shopify Plus Plan – Custom Pricing

Shopify Plus, the enterprise-level plan, is priced custom. It is designed for high-volume, high-growth businesses, offering custom pricing, advanced features, and dedicated support from Shopify’s team. 

Shopify Plus Plan

Shopify Plus is the best option for industry-leading businesses that require a highly scalable and customizable ecommerce solution.

Key Inclusions: 

  • Custom pricing
  • Advanced features
  • Dedicated support from Shopify’s team

Best for: Industry-leading businesses that require a highly scalable and customizable ecommerce solution.

3. Shopify POS Plan – Starts At $5 Per Month

The Shopify POS plan is designed for businesses primarily operating through physical retail locations. This plan starts at $5 per month and includes:

Shopify POS Plan

Key inclusions: 

  • Shopify’s full point-of-sale system with hardware support
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Advanced reporting and analytics for in-store sales
  • Seamless integration between online and in-person operations
  • Discounted credit card processing rates for in-person transactions

Best For: The Shopify POS plan is best suited for established brick-and-mortar businesses that want to streamline their omnichannel sales strategy and leverage Shopify’s robust POS capabilities. 

It provides a comprehensive solution for managing both online and in-store operations from a single platform.

4. Shopify For Enterprise – Custom Pricing

In addition to the Shopify Plus plan, Shopify also offers a fully customized Enterprise-level solution for the titans of the industry. 

Shopify For Enterprise

The Shopify For Enterprise plan is designed for the highest-volume, most complex businesses that require a bespoke ecommerce platform.

Key Inclusions:

  • Custom pricing based on your organization’s unique requirements
  • A dedicated team of Shopify enterprise specialists to provide strategic guidance
  • Tailored integrations and APIs to connect with your existing systems seamlessly
  • Advanced permissions and access controls for enhanced security
  • Scalable infrastructure to support massive traffic and sales volumes
  • 24/7 priority support from Shopify’s enterprise-level customer success team

Best for: Industry leaders to create a fully optimized solution catering to their business needs, sales channels, and growth strategies.

Shopify Additional Pricing

While Shopify’s core pricing plans provide a solid foundation for building an online store, additional costs exist to consider when using the platform. These add-ons can enhance the functionality and appearance of your Shopify store.

1. Shopify Paid Themes

Shopify offers a range of free themes for users but also has a selection of premium themes that can be purchased. 

Shopify Paid Themes

These paid themes range in price from $140 to $400, providing a one-time cost for a more customized and visually appealing storefront.

2. Shopify Apps

Shopify’s robust app ecosystem allows users to extend the platform’s functionality beyond the core features. 

Shopify Apps

While many apps offer free or freemium versions, businesses may need to invest in premium app subscriptions to access advanced capabilities. 

New Shopify users can expect to spend an additional $20 to $100 monthly on useful third-party apps.

3. Domain Name

Next, a domain name can also be found on Shopify. 

Domain Name

Shopify does not provide a free domain name for your online store. Users will need to purchase a custom domain, which typically costs around $15 per year for a .com address through Shopify.

4. Shopify Transaction Fees Across Plans

Lastly, the transaction fees that Shopify charges for different types of transactions and subscriptions also add up to your Shopify pricing. You can get to know how much does Shopify take per sale.

PlanOnline Credit Card RatesIn-Person Credit Card RatesThird-Party Transaction Fees
Basic2.9% + $0.302.7%2%
Shopify2.6% + $0.302.5%1%
Advanced2.4% + $0.302.4%0.5%

Note: Using Shopify Payments, the platform’s in-house payment processor, can help businesses avoid the third-party transaction fees listed above.

Shopify Discounts And Free Trial

Okay, now we know that it is not just the plan cost that a seller must consider. Other things add up to your final billing as well. Given the increased expenses, can you save some extra too? You can claim Shopify free trial here.

Here are two ways to save money on your Shopify purchase:

1. Getting An Annual Subscription

Shopify offers a 25% discount to users who pay for their plan annually rather than monthly. This is a great option if you are thinking of renewing your subscription and like to use Shopify.

PlanAnnual PriceMonthly Price

Please note that these prices are based on the provided monthly rates multiplied by 12 for the annual price. 

2. $1 First Month

Shopify’s introductory offer for new users allows them to try the platform for the first month at a discounted rate of just $1.

$1 First Month

This is an updated offer; before this, the same access was offered for three months instead of just the first month.

Shopify Refund Policy

Shopify does not offer a refund on any of its pricing plans, so it is advised to use Shopify within the three-day trial period and the first month, which is $1.

Hidden Costs of Shopify

While Shopify’s pricing is generally transparent, yet there are a few potential hidden costs to be aware of:

  • Taxes: Shopify stores may be subject to sales tax, which can vary by location and product type.
  • POS Hardware: Businesses using Shopify’s in-person selling features may need to purchase compatible hardware, such as card readers, at an additional cost. You can know more about Shopify POS here.

Which Shopify Plan Is Right For You?

Now, considering what Shopify offers, which plan best suits you? Since every user is different, here is what type of business is best suited to the type of Shopify plan:

  1. Side Hustle or Social Media Selling: Shopify Starter plan
  2. Small & new Online Business: Shopify Basic plan
  3. Growing Online Business: Shopify plan
  4. Large-Scale Businesses: Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus plan
  5. Enterprise level selling: Custom Shopify for Enterprise plan
  6. In-person and in-store selling: Shopify POS plans

Shopify Alternatives Pricing Comparison

There are a couple of alternatives that you can consider along with Shopify. Check out the below table and see if they fit your needs. 

Pricing (Basic Plan)$29/month$27/month$28/month$29/month
Transaction Fees (without in-house payments)2-0.5%0%0-3%0%
Free Trial3 daysNoneNone15 days
Staff Accounts (Starter/Basic Plan)2Unlimited11N/A
Ecommerce FeaturesExtensiveModerateModerateExtensive
Customization OptionsModerateExtensiveExtensiveModerate
Mobile App ManagementYesYesNoYes

How To Save Maximum On Shopify Subscription?

Wondering about a hack to save the most on your Shopify subscription? There is one. Though not very secretive, anyone can implement this hack to claim the maximum benefits.

Follow the below steps to make Shopify the most affordable for you:

  • First, take advantage of the 3-day free trial and then move on to the $1 per month introductory offer before subscribing to a plan.
  • Choose an annual subscription plan to save 25% compared to the monthly pricing.
  • Utilize Shopify Payments to avoid third-party transaction fees.
  • Explore Shopify’s library of free themes and apps to minimize additional costs.

This way, beginners can ensure that they are not spending too much and are within their budget while starting a new venture.

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Bottomline: Try Shopify For $1/Mo

Shopify has established itself as a popular and powerful ecommerce platform, offering a range of pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes. 

From the $5 per month Shopify Starter plan for side hustles and social media selling to the enterprise-level Shopify Plus with custom pricing, there’s a Shopify solution for every online entrepreneur. 

Businesses can start with Shopify for as little as $1 per month by taking advantage of the platform’s discounts, add-on savings, and introductory offers.

Don’t wait long to find the Shopify pricing plan you and your business need!

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