Thinking about launching a Shopify dropshipping store? Let me offer you a critical piece of advice – find a reliable Shopify dropshipping supplier.

It’s because you don’t hold stocks in dropshipping. Instead, your supplier ships the products directly to the customer when you make a sale. This makes choosing the right partner crucial.

Through years of testing, I have discovered the top Shopify dropshipping suppliers that can guarantee quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

 And in this article, I’ll share honest reviews and details about them. 

Keep reading until the end as I reveal the list here to help you easily kickstart your ecommerce journey and ensure long-term success!

Overview Of My List Of 13 Dropshipping Suppliers

I have picked 13 credible dropshipping suppliers that boast a significant customer base and ship high-quality products. Here’s a quick overview of these suppliers, highlighting the location they ship and their average shipping duration.

S.No.Dropshipping SupplierShipping LocationsAverage Shipping Duration
1.AliExpressWorldwide15 – 45 days
2.AlibabaWorldwide7 – 30 days
3.DobaUnited StatesDepends on suppliers
4.SaleHoo80 Countries7 – 35 days
5.Worldwide BrandsWorldwideDepends on suppliers
6.Sunrise WholesaleUnited States & Canada2 – 3 days
7.Modalyst80 Countries except for Africa and South America5 – 8 days for domestic orders
8.SpocketUS & EU7 – 15 days
9.CROV42 Countries10 – 15 days
10.MegagoodsWorldwide1 – 7 days in the US
11.CJDropshippingWorldwide8 – 45 days
12.SynceeWorldwide5-7 days in UK, US, EU & Canada
13.AuchanFrance5 – 7 days

Note – The Shipping durations I provided here are average and can vary based on location, suppliers, product types, and shipping methods.

Let’s go through each dropshipping supplier in detail below!

1. AliExpress

Based inChina
Product types shippedVirtually everything from electronics to accessories to clothing and home decor
Best forBeginners and Experts Dropshippers alike. 
Source: AliExpress

AliExpress is a major player in the dropshipping business. Based in China, AliExpress hosts millions of sellers from almost every product category. 

Its primary USP lies in the competitive pricing and the exhaustive product range. You can connect with millions of sellers and get quotes directly from the platform.

Pricing – AliExpress doesn’t charge any fees for dropshipping, which is great for newbies who want to start small.

2. Alibaba

Based inChina
Product types shipped200 million products in 40 categories
Best forEntrepreneurs seeking to dropship in bulk
Source: Alibaba

Alibaba is a massive repository that connects manufacturers from China and other countries to buyers worldwide. It’s primarily for the B2B segment, but you can find credible suppliers ready to ship directly to your customers.

It mostly hosts manufacturers, so Alibaba is perfect for tailor-made or custom-built products that are available for ultra-competitive pricing.

Pricing – Similar to AliExpress, Alibaba doesn’t charge a fee to dropship via its platform.

3. Doba

Based inUnited States
Product types shippedOver 2 million products in six categories
Best forDropshippers targeting USA
Source: Doba

Doba is different from other dropshipping suppliers in the sense that it only hosts over 165 suppliers, each vetted and tested for quality and reliability.

Its centralized system and easy integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify make it a perfect platform for dropshipping. 

Its popular Push-to-Marketplace tool automates eBay’s listing process, significantly easing online selling.

Pricing – Doba charges fixed monthly charges based on the subscription you purchase;

  • Start-Up – $24.99 per month.
  • Business – $49.99 per month.
  • Business Pro – $ 174.99 per month.
  • Enterprise – $299.99 per month.

4. Salehoo

Based inNew Zealand
Product types shippedConnects with suppliers offering a range of products.
Best forNewbie Dropshippers seeking verified suppliers
Source: SaleHoo

Salehoo has 8000+ pre-vetted suppliers selling over 2.5 million products in multiple categories. It’s perfect for newbie drop shippers who want verified suppliers and ample product selection choices. 

Besides, SaleHoo Labs offers a powerful market research tool that helps you identify trending products with high-profit potential.

Pricing – Salehoo offers both yearly and lifetime subscriptions;

  • Annual Plan – $67
  • Lifetime Plan – $127

5. Worldwide Brands

Based inUnited States
Product types shippedGeneral Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Office Supplies, Pet Supplies
Best forDropshippers who are looking for verified wholesalers and distributors.
Worldwide Brands
Source: Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands was conceived way back in 1999, and since then, it has bloomed into a trustworthy online directory for credible wholesale suppliers. 

The platforms list over 16 million products, and its stringent verification process only allows legitimate suppliers ready to sell items at wholesale and competitive pricing.

Pricing – Worldwide brand offers lifetime membership for $299. You can also pay the amount in installments with a $99 down and then two payments of $110 each.

6. Sunrise Wholesale

Based inUnited States
Product types shippedTools, baths and body, toys, electronics and accessories 
Best forUSA dropshipping with faster shipping times
Sunrise Wholesale
Source: Sunrise Wholesale

If you wish to dropship your products in the US and Canada directly via vetted US suppliers, there is no better vendor than Sunrise Wholesale. 

It lists over 10000 products that are of high quality and reliability. 

One stand-out feature of Sunrise Wholesale is the lightning-fast shipping that ensures quick product delivery.

Pricing – Sunrise Wholesale doesn’t charge a fee for dropshipping. 

7. Modalyst

Based inUnited States 
Product types shippedFashion apparel and accessories, home goods, beautify products & electronics.
Best forDropshippers seeking to establish a brand
Source: Modalyst

Modalyst is a dropshipping hub and easily connects with Shopify. It caters to thousands of US and international suppliers and is also an official dropshipping partner of AliExpress. 

This means that through API integration, you have access to millions of products that you can list and sell in your store.

Pricing – Modalyst offers a free plan to get started quickly. Its paid plans are as follows;

  • Startup – $35 per month
  • Pro – $90 per month

8. Spocket

Based inCanada
Product types shippedExtensive range in multiple product categories.
Best forUS and EU dropshippers targeting trending products
Source: Spocket

Spocket is a dedicated dropshipping app that easily integrates with your Shopify store. It lets you source products from multiple drop shipping platforms like AliExpress. 

Besides, Spocket also lists US and Canada suppliers making it a great option in case you wish to dropship in the United States.

Pricing: Spocket offers a 14-day free trial. Its paid monthly plan costs are as follows;

  • Starter – $39.99
  • Pro – $59.99
  • Empire – $99.99


Based inUnited States
Product types shippedMultiple products in over 20 categories 
Best forDropshippers seeking competitive wholesale pricing.
Source: CROV

CROV lists pre-vetted wholesalers from China and the US that ensure high-quality products and competitive pricing. Additionally, CROV also manages a local US warehouse that enables faster delivery across the United States and Canada. 

Although CROV lists over 35000 products, in case you need something unique, the CROV team can find the suppliers for you, which helps you cater to your specific business needs.

Pricing – CROV is a free-to-use dropshipping service.

10. Megagoods

Based inUnited States
Product types shippedOver 3000+ products in home decor, kitchen accessories, and electronics categories.
Best forDropshippers targeting consumer electronics and accessories
Source: Megagoods

If consumer electronics is your forte, Megagoods can be a worthwhile option for you. 

Instead of acting as a directory service, megagoods directly supply products to the customers. It eliminates intermediaries and offers faster shipping time and industry-best pricing.

Pricing – Megagoods charges a per-order fee of $1.50 on every drop shipping order.

11. CJ Dropshipping

Based inChina
Product types shippedEverything from general to trending and unique items
Best forBeginners seeking AliExpress alternatives 
CJ Dropshipping
Source: CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping caters to over one million purchase orders each month, which speaks of its reputation and trustworthiness. It’s similar to AliExpress in functionality but offers a better option for unique and trending items. 

The best part is that CJ Dropshipping offers you a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you can’t find an item, they will find it for you within 48 hours.

Pricing – CJ Dropshipping offers a free plan with 5 daily sourcing limits. It’s paid plan cost;

  • Plus – $15.99 per month
  • Prime – $19.99 per month
  • Advanced – $59.99 per month

12. Syncee

Based inHungary
Product types shipped8 million products in 23 categories
Best forDropshippers targeting AU and Brazil
Source: Syncee

Syncee primarily serves B2B dropshipping and stands out for its extensive supplier network, spanning the US, Canada, EU, UK, and Australia. 

It easily integrates with Alibaba, giving you access to a vast pool of verified manufacturers and allowing more control over quality and pricing. 

Besides, Syncee also simplifies the process with easy product imports and automated inventory & order updates.

Pricing – Syncee offers both a 14-day free trial and a Free plan. Its paid subscription charges are as follows;

  • Basic – $29/month
  • Pro – $49/month

13. Auchan

Based inFrance
Product types shippedHome products and retail grocery.
Best forDropshippers seeking authentic French-made products
Source: Auchan

Auchan is your go-to platform if you wish to dropship authentic French-made items. It specifically sources products from French manufacturers and dealers.

But the best thing is that all Auchan products are stored as per the strict guidelines of French legislation, which ensures high quality.

Pricing – Auchan doesn’t reveal its pricing on the website. 

How To Select The Right DropShipping Supplier?

You might be wondering how I picked these suppliers. It’s easy: I evaluate Shopify dropshipping suppliers on the below-mentioned criteria to assess their viability for my e-commerce business. 

So, let’s learn what makes a good Shopify supplier;


The first thing I evaluate in any Shopify supplier is communication. This includes how fast the supplier replies and whether they address your concerns and questions completely. 

Most importantly, the language – does the supplier speak your tongue? This issue happens sometimes on Alibaba and AliExpress.

Prompt replies ensure you can answer customer inquiries quickly, avoiding frustration. On the other hand, poor communication can result in delays in order fulfillment and frustrated customers.

Credibility and Trust

The next thing I assess is the credibility and trust of the supplier. When I make a sale, I must be one hundred percent sure that the supplier will ship a good quality product to the customer.

Of course, customer reviews are a good starting point for assessing the supplier’s credibility. 

However, you can also evaluate credibility by ordering samples, asking questions, and assessing the willingness of the supplier to customize the product per your requirements.

Quality Products

After credibility comes the quality of the product. You can’t survive long with poor products, right? Therefore, the products you’re dropshipping should be of high quality. 

For that, order samples yourself to get a firsthand product experience. Evaluate quality, material, packaging, etc., and see if the product is everything the supplier describes.


You are in for the profit, right, so the product price is also an essential criterion to evaluate. I compare pricing from multiple suppliers for similar products. 

I also evaluate the additional cost that might add up to the final pricing. It helps me decide whether I will be profitable or not.

Shipping Duration

Last but not least is shipping – customers want fast delivery; they aren’t going to wait forever. I deeply analyze shipping methods, transit time, and how the supplier handles delays. 

Above all, I ensure the shipping time is reasonable and aligns with my customer’s expectations.

Dropshipping Suppliers To Stay Away from?

Choosing a reliable Shopify dropshipping supplier is crucial for your business. I have listed the best options here, but there are some red flags you can watch out that can help you avoid shady suppliers;

Ongoing fees

If a supplier charges an ongoing fee, it’s a big red flag for you. It can quickly eat your profits and make it challenging to remain afloat in a competitive business environment.

Pre-order fees

Many suppliers charge commission on a per-sale basis, which is normal. However, in some cases, this fee can be significantly high, which could cut your margin significantly. So avoid vendors that charge a high per-order fee.

Minimum order sizes

In dropshipping, you will mostly deal with retail customers ordering one or two products at a time. 

Minimum order sizes don’t make sense here, so avoid suppliers that don’t ship single items. Instead, prioritize suppliers that offer flexible order sizes, allowing you to start small and scale over time.

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Conclusion – AliExpress, Doba, And SaleHoo Are Our Recommended Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers

In dropshipping, your brand’s reputation is always on the line since you have no control over inventory and product quality.

So, choose Shopify dropshipping suppliers wisely and ensure the long-term success of your dropshipping business.

Here are my top three picks for dropshipping suppliers you can consider;

  1. AliExpress – Best for beginners seeking a wide range of products and competitive pricing.
  2. Doba – Best US dropshipping with faster shipping and qualified suppliers. 
  3. SaleHoo – Best for seasoned dropshippers looking for reliable suppliers and a range of products. 

Choose the supplier that fits your requirements and kickstart a successful dropshipping business!

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