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Suitable for over 1.75 million merchants across the globe, Shopify is currently one of the best e-commerce platforms for such merchants selling various products for a range of industries. 

In today’s digital world, even nonprofits need a medium to share their work and spread the word about their cause.

Some do this visually by creating a storytelling website, and others by selling NPO-grown products.

More information on these NPO-exclusive Shopify plans next, which are only available as per request and can accommodate your needs.

Shopify For Nonprofits – Keynotes

To understand the whole thing in summary, here are the three keynotes about Shopify and its use for nonprofit organizations. 

  1. Shopify offers two plans, giving access to enhanced Shopify features at a reasonable price.
  2. The nonprofit plans start at $29/mo and offer unlimited staff accounts.
  3. You need to contact the Shopify support team directly and provide the required details for verification to gain access to these special plans.

Why Use Shopify For Nonprofits?

Having a website for a nonprofit organization has become crucial in this age to tell their story, reach more people, highlight their progress, and achieve improved awareness and conversions. 

You should use Shopify because creating and using a Shopify store is easy, and every Shopify store can be more than just a website with interactive elements to enhance the way products/services are listed. 

Each Shopify store tells a story visually and offers one of the smoothest and crispest user experiences as a bonus for just $29/month. 

More importantly, Shopify offers benefits for nonprofit organizations, such as discounted pricing, accepting donations, selling merchandise, reduced transaction rates, and shipping abilities. 

Shopify Exclusive Plans For Nonprofits

Shopify offers two exclusive plans that are made especially for nonprofit organizations. Each plan offers the standard features combined with relaxations equal to the most advanced plans. 

The NPO special plans offered are: 

  1. Shopify NPO Lite Plan
  2. Shopify NPO Full Plan

Let’s know more about each of these plans in detail next. 

1. Shopify NPO Lite Plan

Shopify FeaturesShopify Basic PlanShopify NPO Lite Plan
Transaction Fees2%1%
Shopify Payments card rates2.9% + 30¢2.7% + 30¢
Staff accounts1Unlimited
Real-time carrier shipping ✅ 
Price$39 per month$29 per month

The first Shopify plan for nonprofits is the NPO lite plan, priced at $29 per month. This nonprofit special plan is close to the “Shopify basic” plan with more enhanced features.

Priced at $10 less than the Shopify Basic plan, it offers features from the Shopify Advanced plan, such as unlimited Shopify staff accounts. 

This NPO lite plan also allows a user/nonprofit to accept donations via Shopify payments if the nonprofit is registered in the USA and Canada.

2. Shopify NPO Full Plan

Shopify FeaturesShopify PlanShopify NPO Full Plan
Transaction Fees1%0%
Shopify Payments card rates2.7% + 30¢2.5% + 30¢
Staff accounts5Unlimited
Real-time carrier shipping
Price$105 per month$99 per month

The next plan for nonprofits on Shopify is the NPO Full plan. This plan is comparable to the “Shopify” plan, which is the tier-2 Shopify plan priced at $105/month.

The NPO Full plan saves money for a non-organization with improved features such as reduced transaction fees, standard card rates, real-time carrier shipping, and a price of only $99/month. 

Similar to the NPO Lite plan, the NPO Full plan can accept donations if registered from the USA or Canada.

Can You Save More On The Shopify NPO Plans?

Can these deals get any better? Yes! The above plan rates are specifically for nonprofit organizations that want an integrated store and to sell related merchandise.

If you opt for a plan without the ability to sell as an online store, Shopify can provide you with a reduced price. 

That’s not all; the above-listed pricing for the Shopify plans is monthly and can be reduced if you wish to subscribe for an entire year!

How To Sign-Up To Shopify Nonprofit Plans

But here’s a thing: you cannot directly visit the Shopify website and buy these plans off the rack. To sign up for these nonprofit exclusive plans, you’ll have to write to the Shopify support team directly. 

After the application, the support team will verify the organization’s information and offer you a required plan. 

Top Shopify Apps For Nonprofits

Shopify has a library of 8000+ apps from which a general e-commerce entrepreneur can benefit. These apps are often necessary to add uniqueness to your store and enhance usability. 

But here are a few apps that can cater to the unique needs of a nonprofit organization. Here are 3 more that focus primarily on nonprofits.

1. ShoppingGives

Source: Shopify

This Shopify app offers a 100% end-to-end donation that is compliant with regulations. This also lets you manage donation amounts as per SKU and variant. 

Price: This app is free to install with a 7-day free trial. The paid access starts at $26/mo. 

2. Easy Donation

Easy Donation
Source: Shopify

The next NPO special Shopify app is a highly rated app that offers a free 7-day trial. Depending on your chosen plan, this app can carry out special landing pages for donations, track amounts in real-time, and manage multiple donations.

Price: The app is free to install, and a paid subscription starts at $6.99/mo. 

3. Shop For Good

Shop For Good
Source: Shopify

The last Shopify nonprofit-focused app is one that offers a free plan with basic functions. With a paid plan, however, you can set donation tiers with custom colors, get advanced analytics, custom branded widgets, and more!

Price: The app starts at a hefty price of $299/mo.

3 Nonprofit Organizations Using Shopify

Here are examples of nonprofits operating a successful store on Shopify. 

  1. Darzah– A Child Cup’s Full Project that empowers women with jobs.
  2. Ornaments4Orphans – A store that sells Christmas ornaments and supports communities. 
  3. Outofprint – A store that actively works to provide books to communities in need. 

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Verdict: Is Shopify Right Nonprofit Organisation?

Using Shopify for your nonprofit organization makes sense, given the ease of use, extremely affordable pricing plans, and relaxed restrictions on transaction fees.

These special NPO Lite and NPO Full plans allow you to express your cause and mission vividly while also supporting you economically with fair subscription rates.

Make sure you focus on raising awareness, use the integrated website-building tool AI assistance, and make the most of your nonprofit initiative!

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