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Have you ever wondered what makes a successful Shopify drop-shipping store?

Let me reveal the secret – it’s not just about finding the hottest products. It’s also about crafting a captivating online experience that hooks users from the start and keeps them clicking ‘Add to cart.’

But how does it actually work out? What does it take to craft a captivating Shopify dropshipping store that attracts customers like a magnet?

I went into research mode and found 15 ultra-successful Shopify dropshipping stores whose owners have done everything right to make them look stunning.

Explore them all and apply their design secrets and strategies to build your own Shopify dropshipping store that drives conversion.

15+ Shopify Dropshipping Stores for Your Inspiration

Let me give you a few examples of expertly designed Shopify dropshipping stores real quick. These stores witness massive monthly traffic and enjoy a solid reputation in their respective niches.

Dropshipping NicheShopify Dropshipping Store Examples
Clothing and FashionGymshark, Be Activewear, Moosh Walks
AccessoriesNotebook Therapy,  Burga, CRAFTD London
Furniture and Home DecorHauser, Fyrn, Helix
Beauty and CosmeticsSoko Glam, Kylie Cosmetics, Glossier
ElectronicsRing, Noise, Staples Canada

Below, I have segmented the Shopify stores according to the niche they operate, like clothing, accessories, electronics, etc. 

I will discuss the key design elements of each store that will help you understand how they attract so many customers.

Clothing and Fashion

The clothing and fashion category is hugely popular among Shopify entrepreneurs. Therefore, I compiled a few renowned Shopify dropshipping stores in this category below for you to take inspiration from.

1.  Gymshark

The unprecedented rise of Gymshark is something every Shopify entrepreneur dreams of. 

It’s a £1 billion company pulling over one million monthly traffic on the strength of its massive social media and YouTube fan-base.

Gymshark shopify store

Source: Gymshark

The top hero banner on its store instantly grabs attention and quickly conveys the brand’s focus on performance and style. 

Also, notice the buttons in the banner for men and women categories that make navigation straightforward.

In short, simple design, easy navigation, and strategic use of social media allow GymShark to stand out from the crowd.

2.    Be Activewear

Be Activewear employs a bold discount pop-up that welcomes visitors with a compelling offer. 

The top section lists the facilities users get, like quick returns, free shipping, and free product trials, which boost credibility and trust.

Activewear shopify store

Source: Be Activewear

If you move down, you will find a concise bullet-point description of what each product category includes.

It quickly informs users about the website’s offerings and directs them to the desired section, where they can indulge in shopping instantly.

3.  Moosh Walks

Moosh Walks primarily deals in kids’ socks, puzzles and books. Notice the minimalist design of the store and colorful images that act as a contrast and lure the audience into exploring more.

Moosh Walks shopify store

Source: Moosh Walks

Likewise, the mission text just below the banner strikes a connection with the visitors (mostly parents) and subtly encourages them to purchase.

The strategic positioning of text plus simple design elements makes shopping on Moosh Walks a breeze, which is something customers love.


Accessories is also a popular category; below, I have listed some popular Shopify dropshipping stores in this niche;

4.  Notebook Therapy

Clean and crisp white and pops of color greet you in the Notebook Therapy store. The top banner with the ‘Shop Now’ button lets you dive straight into shopping for your favorite East Asian stationery.

Notebook Therapy Shopify store

Source: Notebook Therapy

Also, check the menu buttons that are strictly action-oriented with the text ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Newest Items’ hooking you to the website.

All in all, the store offers an immersive experience with impactful call-to-action buttons.

5.  Burga

Burga is a Lithuanian fashion accessories brand, and its store features a modern design highlighted with bold color pops and crisp product photography.

Burga shopify store

Source: Burga

A pop-up box with a mystery discount further incites anticipation and hooks the audience. 

But here’s what impressed me the most – instead of boring buttons, they have high-resolution images for the menu. It’s almost impossible not to click on these images. 

6.  CRAFTD London

On the Craftd London store, the first thing you notice is the bold discount text and a countdown – it’s a clever strategy that pushes users into action.

craftd london shopify store

Source: CRAFTD London

Next is the clear display of trending products, each highlighted by the discount on that item, which again encourages users to hit the ‘buy’ button.

Furniture and Home Decor

Home Decor brands receive massive traffic on their store, so it’s worth checking out Shopify dropshipping stores in this niche;

7.  Hauser

The Hauser store is a welcoming invitation to modern comfort. Check out the muted color tone that speaks of minimalist aesthetics complimented by high-resolution images of their products.

hauser shopify store

Source: Hauser

The store clearly highlights that Hauser offers customization and home delivery, which enhances customer engagement and boosts conversion.

But most importantly, the store lists testimonials that inspire trust in the audience and showcase Hauser as a credible brand.

8.  Fyrn

The brand Fyrn is a great example of an ultra-minimalist furniture store that facilitates shopping and drives sales.

fyrn shopify store

Source: Fyrn

The highlighted ‘Shop Now’ button against each section allows visitors to buy their desired products quickly.

Besides, strategically placed big-sized images with call-to-action buttons add a touch of modernity and facilitate easy navigation.

9.  Helix

Helix perfectly illustrates how to use text and numbers to boost engagement on Shopify dropshipping stores.

helix shopify store

Source: Helix

Likewise, association with experts in a doctor’s recommended section further solidifies the brand’s credibility and boosts user trust.

Lastly, putting text buttons smartly throughout the page helps users access the product catalog easily, which enhances engagement and conversion.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Beauty and cosmetics is an evergreen niche, always buzzing with customers. Checkout some neatly designed Shopify stores from this category below;

10.  Soko Glam

The Soko Glam store is a perfect example of how targeted messaging coupled with discount pop-ups and customer reviews can boost traffic and engagement.

Soko glam shopify store

Source: Soko Glam

Look at their color combinations that are in sync with the overall website tone and branding. 

It creates a visually cohesive shopping experience that catches the audience’s attention instantly.

11.  Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is from Kylie Jenner, who is fully banking on her image as an influencer to boost her brand’s image.

Kyle Cosmetics Shopify Store

Source: Kylie Cosmetics

You will notice a bold visual identity that reflects Kylie’s personal style coupled with a signature color scheme and trendy fonts.

Besides, the ‘top products’ strip showcases items on sale with a contrasting add-to-cart button that strikes the subconscious of the audience and subtly pushes them to impulse buy.

12.  Glossier

Despite being a fashion brand, Glossier doesn’t feature a bold home page with striking colors.

Glossier Shopify Store

Source: Glossier

Instead, it opts for subtle tones and touches like soft pastel accents that make the product’s image stand out.

Also, an extensive product strip eliminates the hassle of navigating different menus, which amplifies engagement and boosts conversion.


The electronics category is my personal favorite; here are some noteworthy Shopify stores from this segment that are worth taking a look at;

13.  Ring

Ring Shopify store is a perfect example of a simple and functional ecommerce store. The top section has a banner with a crisp image and a clear action button. 

Moving further, you have images linking to a specific section of the store, thus facilitating navigation. 

Ring Shopify Store

Source: Ring

Likewise, text overlays clearly list the key features and potential benefits of Ring products, which help users make informed decisions.

14.  Noise

Noise’s Shopify store instantly engages the audience with a catchy slideshow highlighted with full-width images and a clear buy button. 

Noise shopify store - gonoise

Source: Noise

Moving further, you have a grid that showcases various product categories, and then there are ‘Hot Selling’ and ‘Just Launched’ sections. 

The store’s design is simple and facilitates easy browsing and product purchase.

15.  Staples Canada

Staples doesn’t list its products right away; instead it builds anticipation with gift card banners and then highlighting discounts on different items.

Staples Canada

Source: Staples Canada

It’s an effective strategy that captures users’ attention and keeps them on the site for longer duration.

Finally, an attractive store design complimented with quality images and catchy text does the rest, ensuring an immersive experience for users.

Qualities of a Great Shopify Dropshipping Store

Shopify offers you tons of tools to get started and be successful in ecommerce. However, you have to follow certain pointers to create a great Shopify store that attracts visitors.

Let me give you a walkthrough of each of them;

  • Clean and Easy to Navigate User Interface – A Great Shopify store is easy to browse. If your audience easily finds what they are looking for, it can dramatically increase engagement and conversions.
  • High-quality Products – No one likes crappy products that fall apart after a week. A reputable Shopify store only sells high-quality items that last. It instills confidence in your customers, knowing they are getting good value for their money.
  • Positive Customer Reviews – Customer reviews can make or break your ecommerce business. When your store looks awesome and you sell quality products, you obviously garner positive reviews. 

All you need to do is showcase these reviews to incoming visitors so that they can trust you as well.

  • Fast Shipping Options – I won’t shop from a store with shipping time that stretches on for weeks, so how can I expect it from my customers?

    That’s why a great Shopify store partners with reliable shipping companies that offer lightning-fast delivery.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Your customers are your top-most priority, so make sure they can reach out to you easily. Implement multiple channels to provide customer services and respond promptly and informally.


The Shopify Dropshipping stores I mentioned here must have given you some ideas for your own.

Although they might be selling different items, they have a few things in common – simple design, quality images, and easy navigation.

All the design elements I highlighted serve a single goal of creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Go on, then, apply what you have learned here and craft your next million-dollar Shopify dropshipping store!

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