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To tune up your Shopify store’s in-person selling operations, subscribe to their premium Shopify POS Pro plan. 

On top of your standard Shopify plan, this separate paid plan provides you with many bundled features that a free POS Lite plan doesn’t offer. But how exactly does it help set up a physical store, and is it worth it?

The price for this plan may be touching the roof, but with its special offer and features, it is indeed justified. 

Read on further to discover how this exclusive POS Pro plan compares to its free counterpart and who should go for it!

Shopify POS Pro Key Takeaways

  1. Shopify Pro offers the flexibility of expanding physical business operations beyond a single location.
  2. This advanced POS plan is priced at $89/month on top of your Shopify subscription.
  3. Shopify POS Pro lets you manage more things than the standard free plan and provides a valuable customer experience. 

What Is Shopify POS Pro?

Shopify POS Pro is the paid Shopify POS plan, also known as the Shopify Retail plan, that offers unlimited staff access and manages staff permissions and inventory as critical features. 

Shopify POS Location
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This plan provides a solid foundation for taking your online set business to a level above and starting selling products physically beyond device screens for an added price.

Using this paid subscription plan, you can analyze your customers and your store’s performance, manage inventory, and run a brick-and-mortar version of your Shopify store smoothly. 

Shopify POS Pro: Pros and Cons

Shopify POS Pro is an enhanced and premium point-of-sale Shopify plan, yet it has room for improvement. Check out the Pros and Cons below:


  • Create personalized experiences for customers.
  • Verified secured payments via cash, cards, and digital payment methods.
  • Monitor store performance with advanced analytics.
  • 24×7 email, chat, or phone support.
  • Unlimited staff logins with access and role control.


  • Subscription is only valid for a single location.
  • Hardware has to be procured as add-ons.

How Is Shopify POS Pro Priced?

The standard price to use Shopify POS Pro is $89 per month per location. This is a $89 increase from the free access to POS lite received with a standard Shopify plan. 

But you need not pay the above price when you can grab the POS Pro for 6 months for only $60 per month! 

Plans & Pricing
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Once the 6-month special offer is over, your plan will renew at the standard $89/month price. 

Shopify POS Pro also charges fees for card payments, but these fees are far less than the standard rates applied to the Shopify started plan. 

Shopify POS Pro card rates: 

  • 2.9% + 30¢ USD online
  • 2.6% + 10¢ USD in person
  • 2% 3rd-party payment providers

Shopify offers a POS lite plan with every Shopify plan for each location. How is Shopify POS Pro different from the free offering? And is it worth paying the extra bucks?

Difference Between Shopify POS Lite vs POS  Pro

Scan through the table to understand the difference between standard free POS offerings within each Shopify plan. 

FeaturesShopify POS Lite Shopify POS Pro
PriceFree with every Shopify PlanAdditonal cost of $89/month/location
LocationLimited to one locationCan be scaled as per requirement
Staff account accessLimitedUnlimited
Staff roles and permissions
Customer profilesSimpleRich
Inventory management
Omnichannel selling

Did you know? – Even the Shopify Start Plan, which is priced at $5/month, allows you to sell in person. 

Shopify POS Pro Features

The paid version of Shopify POS has many features that justify the premium price asked. However, with the special 6-month offer that Shopify is running, you can save a lot on your POS Pro plan.

Here are a few of the key features of the plan:

1. Staff management

Shopify POS Pro allows you to manage unlimited staff accounts and track the performance of each account. This is perfect for a retail store with multiple checkpoints.

You can also alter and control the access to each staff account to control sensitive information and user permissions.  

2. Inventory Management

Managing inventory is what the basic POS lite plan fails to offer, as the POS Pro offers. This feature means you can get low-stock alerts, count inventory, and complete purchase orders all in one place.

Shopify offers one of the best ways to manage inventory. 

3. Customer Profiles

The Shopify POS Pro lets you create a profile for every customer checking out your Shopify store. 

With the premium subscription, you can store contact information, order history, total spending, notes, tags, shipping details, taxes, and even marketing preferences. This helps you recognize every customer uniquely. 

4. Clienteling

Speaking of a unique experience, with POS Pro, you can curate personalized shopping experiences for a repeat customer with the rich customer profile data available that POS lite does not have.

5. Retail Analytics

Just as helpful as the analytics features offered with the standard Shopify plans, Shopify POS Pro allows you to track real-time store performance from one single location.

6. Omnichannel selling

Lastly,  the POS Pro admits omnichannel selling. It blends the online and offline experience for increased conversions and the ability for the customers to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) and endless aisle, which is the opposite of BOPIS. 

Who Is Shopify POS Pro for? 

Shopify POS Pro is only for e-commerce entrepreneurs who are serious about managing and developing an offline version of their Shopify store. 

Since this premium plan is not cheap, it may not suit every Shopify merchant. Here are a few examples of Shopify stores that can consider opting for the POS Pro plan:

  1. Wanting to scale up their in-person selling from a single location to many. 
  2. Stores that sell a high volume of products from their physical stores.
  3. POS stores want unrestricted staff accounts with control over access. 
  4. Online Shopify stores that want to diversify their sales from online to online+offline. 

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Should You Get Shopify POS Pro?

You should definitely get the Shopify POS if you are selling offline in high volume, which is your current business status goal.

The only hiccups are the price and the one-location limit. However, the price can be overcome by grabbing the special offer that Shopify is running for the POS Pro plan. 

Channel your offline Shopify store efficiently with the professional POS assistance offered by Shopify POS. Leave a comment below with your reason for picking the POS Pro plan. 


Can Shopify be used as a POS system?

Shopify offers a Shopify POS lite for a location with all of its plans for free. However, the plan comes with limited features, and for heavy operations, you need to subscribe to Shopify POS Pro.

Does Shopify POS take a percentage of sales?

Shopify charges a transaction fee depending on the Shopify plan you are using and the mode of payment used. 

Can you use Shopify POS without Shopify payments?

You can use Shopify POS without Shopify payments by using a third-party payment service provider, but it may incur higher transaction fees.

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