With over 2.1 million active users, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Over 4.8 million stores worldwide used Shopify for their ecommerce sites as of Q1 2024. 

Every year, a number of stores migrate to Shopify for smooth operations, automation, and unifying their POS and online store operations. 

Out of thousands of stores, some really made their way to the top by leveraging Shopify’s features to their best potential. Fast forward to now, these stores have become prominent in terms of their success. 

Let’s take a look at some of the successful Shopify migration stories that highlight how features like Shopify POS, AR/3D, and B2B integrations helped the brands grow and solve their operational issues. 

Top Shopify Case Studies

Here are some of the top Shopify case studies. 

  • With Shopify Plus, Aje’s conversion rates increased by 135% within weeks.
  • Kick Games revenue increased from  £2 million to £50 million within a few years after adopting Shopify POS.
  • Florentine Kitchen Knives checkout process sped up by 50% due to Shopify.
  • DARCHE’s B2B sales are estimated to witness a YoY increase of 3 times in FY 2024.
  • Gunner Kennels’ Conversion boosted by 40% after using 3D/AR
  • Sologaard’s creator-generated revenue grew by 287% MoM with Shopify Collabs.
  • Verbal+Visual helped Jonathan Adler boost their revenue by 163% with Shopify.

Shopify Plus Case Studies 

Over 47,694 stores worldwide are powered by Shopify Plus. It offers extensive features like customizable checkout, launch team support, unlimited staff accounts, Shopify POS pro, additional apps and channels, cross-platform selling, advanced reporting, and analytics tools.

Here are some success stories of the brands that migrated to Shopify Plus. 

1. With Shopify Plus Aje’s Conversion Rate Increased By 135% Within Weeks

Aje is an Australian fashion and apparel brand that promotes raw beauty and tough feminity. In 2019, the fashion label was invited to an Australian open Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Despite having 18 physical stores and an online store, Aje was unsatisfied with its online presence. 75% of their customers engaged with the brand through their smartphones, but the payment options on the smartphone app were not optimized. 

Aje's brand through their smartphones

Hence, Aje turned to Shopify Plus to better reflect its online presence locally and internationally. 

With the help of Shopify Plus and a Shopify Plus Partner- Moustache Republic, Aje was able to identify the issues and make the required improvements on their website.

Here are the results Aje witnessed in just a few weeks:

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  • The conversion rate on their website increased by 135%.
  • The bounce rate declined.
  • The average session duration and number of pages per session increased.
Results Aje witnessed
Source: Shopify

2. The Sales Revenue Of J.Lindeberg Witnessed An Increase Of 70% After Migrating To Shopify Plus

J.Lindeberg is a high-end fashion and sports brand. They had a custom-built ecommerce site. However, they could not bring their ambition of 50% branding and 50% business into reality and believed they needed to work on Brand identity.

So, in search of a better ecommerce operations platform, Adreas (Head of ecommerce) and his team discovered Shopify Plus.

J.Lindeberg Team Discoverd

With the help of the internal team, J.Lindeberg replatformed just within 16 weeks. Shopify Plus helped the brand transform from a transactional ecommerce site to a visually sound site. 

Here are the results J.Lindeberg witnessed after switching to Shopify Plus:

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  • Sales increased by 70%
  • AOV and conversion rate hiked up by 7%
Results J.Lindeberg witnessed
Source: Shopify

3. After Migrating To Shopify Plus, Morrison’s Conversion Rates Grew By 15% 

Morrison is an online Spanish brand of sneakers. They faced problems when their website had high traffic, especially during the Black Friday sales. When the traffic on their website peaked, it slowed down and was constantly crashing.

Morrison Spanish brand of sneakers

In search of less dependency on programmers and greater stability, Morrison migrated to Shopify Plus with the guidance of Reduncle (a Shopify partner). 

Just within a day of migration, Morrison’s turnover returned to 80%, and by the next day, it was back to normal.  Now, the brand can manage its physical stores, ecommerce, and B2B transactions from a single platform. 

Here are the results that Moriison witnessed after migrating to Shopify:

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  • 15% increase in the conversion rates.
  • 10% increase in physical store sales with Shopify POS.
Results that Moriison witnessed
Source: Shopify

Shopify POS Users Case Studies

0.26 million stores worldwide use Shopify POS to manage their offline stores. With Shopify POS, the brands are able to offer a smooth shopping experience in-store as well as online. 

It also helps businesses stay organized and spend less time on manual chores. 

Let’s uncover how Shopify POS helps brands unify their sales and operations and provides an edge over other POS stores. 

4. Kick Games Revenue Increased From £2 Million To £50 Million Within Few Years After Adopting Shopify POS

In the beginning, Kick Games was an independent online footwear retailer. However, today, it has become one of the premium brands with celebrity collaborations. 

After running a successful ecommerce store, Kick Game was looking forward to starting a POS store. However, they needed an omnichannel solution and needed help managing data.

After researching available ecommerce solutions that would support a POS store, the Kick Games team switched to Shopify Plus for easy POS integration.

Here are the results they witnessed after switching to Shopify.

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  • An omnichannel solution that manages the POS store and the online store.
  • 70% of transactions are driven by organic social.
  • Their revenue grew from £2 million to £50 million just within a few years. 
  • More than 10 videos received over 1 million views.
Resuls That Kick Games Revenue Witnessed
Source: Shopify

5. Average Order Values Of Tigerli Grows By 20% On Switching To Shopify POS

Tigerly is Australia’s premium swimwear brand, specializing in holiday wardrobe designs. The brand has 11 stores and an e-commerce site.

Even though Tigerli’s e-commerce store ran on Shopify, its POS platform was different, so the data did not sync well between both platforms. Hence, to unify the system and have synchronized data for all the stores in one place, Tigerli switched to Shopify POS in late 2021. 

Here are the results Tigerli witnessed after adopting Shopify’s POS system.

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  • 20% rise in the revenue in the financial year 2023 compared to the financial year 2022.
  • Average store order value grew by 20%. 
  • A 4% higher average order value was recorded for multi-channel shoppers than for single-channel shoppers. 
Results Tigerli witnessed
Source: Shopify

6. Twinkle Twinkle Little One Witnessed An 80% Revenue Spike With Shopify POS

Twinkle Twinkle Little One is a premium baby and child boutique in Chicago. The brand had offline and online stores, but they could not integrate data from POS and ecommerce stores as they were on two different platforms. 

Finally, Twinkle Twinkle Little One took the initiative to unify its sales and operations and shifted to Shopify with a catalog of 25,000 products.

Here are the results they noticed after migrating to Shopify and adopting its POS system:

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  • The back office tasks and manual inventory reconciliation tasks were reduced.
  • Sales, inventory, and financial reporting were unified and streamlined.
  • The year-over-year revenue grew by 80%. 
Results Twinkle Twinkle Little One noticed
Source: Shopify

Shopify Retail Case Studies

Shopify helps retail businesses scale their operations, smoothly manage inventory, and track all transactions. Retail businesses can level up their online stores with features like customizable themes, secure checkouts, app integrations, and more. 

Here is how retail businesses leverage Shopify to scale their stores. 

7. Florentine Kitchen Knives Checkout Process Sped Up By 50% Due To Shopify

Florentine Kitchen Knives is a handmade kitchen knife brand loved and appreciated by home cooks and professional chefs. The store welcomes consumers to see how the knives are made and, at the same time, has a great online presence. 

As the brand sells customized products, they have a low inventory and may require a time of up to three months to ship the products. So, they were looking for a way to keep track of their inventor to avoid overselling or running low on stock materials.

Here, Shopify’s POS system helped them to keep track of the inventory, and the low-stock reports notified them that they needed to restock the inventory. Also, the POS system helped them to speed up the checkout process. 

Here is a summary of the benefits Florentine Kitchen Knives enjoyed with Shopify adoption.

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  • Multi-channel orders increased by 50%.
  • They were able to speed up the inventory management chores by three times.
  • Checkout time decreased by 50%. 
Benefits Florentine Kitchen Knives
Source: Shopify

8. With The Help Of Shopify, The Average Order Value Of La Portegna Increased By 20%

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La Portegna is a Spanish brand that supplies handmade leather goods of high quality. It has stores in London and Madrid and is looking forward to opening one in Mallorca.

The brand used Shopify for its ecommerce sales but used a different platform for in-store sales. As a result, the team had to spend time on exporting data and manually building spreadsheets.

In 2020,  La Portegna finally adopted Shopify POS to manage its two offline and ecommerce stores. After that, the average order value of the brand increased by 20%, and the time spent on creating manual reports and managing declined considerably.

Average Order Value Of La Portegna
Source: Shopify

9. With A Simplified Inventory Management System, TeSelskabet Saw A 25% Increase In Its Sales

TeSelskabet is a Danish traditional tea brand with impressive flavors, tea blends, coffee, and aromas. 

Since inventory is an important aspect of any retail business, the brand needed a stock management and inventory management system to achieve its goal and expand in new markets. 

By using Shopify for both online and offline stores, TeSelskabet can easily keep track of its inventory and the products that need to be restocked.

Here are other benefits TeSelskabet observed:

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  • The brand’s sales increased by 25%.
  • The time spent on manually categorizing and managing the inventory declined. 
  • Simplified financial reporting with the adoption of Shopify payments. 
Benefits TeSelskabet
Source: Shopify

Shopify B2B Businesses Case studies

Shopify provides wholesale businesses with a comprehensive whole store and an all-in-one place for customer management. With Shopify, B2B sellers can streamline processes, sell their products to retailers and resellers through different channels, and reduce marketing costs. 

Here are some success stories of the B2B businesses that adopted Shopify. 

10. Memobottle’s Revenue Increases By 310% After Migrating To Shopify Plus

Memobottle is a B-corp lifestyle brand in Australia, well-known for its slim water bottles that can fit in any bag. It is now a global brand and ships its bottles to over 100 countries worldwide. 

The Memobotlle team required a platform to help them smoothly manage international operations. In order to provide more value to international customers and simplify its operations, Memobotlle switched to the B2B module of Shopify. 

Here are the results that Memobotlle witnessed after adopting the B2B model of Shopify:

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  • 487% year-over-year increase in average daily consumer visits. 
  • 50% year-over-year growth in average order value.
  • 310%  year-over-year increase in the revenue. 
Results that Memobotlle witnessed
Source: Shopify

11. DARCHE’s B2B Sales Are Estimated To Witness A YoY Increase Of 3 Times In FY 2024

DARCHE is a leading business in the outdoor and camping market in Australia. Over the years, the brand has been selling multiple outdoor camping products to other retailers in Australia and in the international market. 

The brand wished to streamline its wholesale ordering process, but its online store has had slow loading time and poor search abilities previously. Due to the slow website, the brand had to take most of its orders by phone, email, or onsite. Also, DARCHE wanted to take customized orders and improve customer experience.

Hence, after exploring a number of platforms, DARCHE chose Shopify and launched a new online store in June 2023. This new ecommerce store included B2B features like custom catalogs, personalized pricing lists, and more. 

Here are the results DARCHE saw on adopting Shopify

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  • The annual web traffic rose by 59% year-over-year.
  • Made over 12 months of sales in just 4 months.
  • In the financial year 2024, the brand anticipates a 3 times YoY increase in its B2B sales. 
Results DARCHE
Source: Shopify

12. TileCloud’s B2B Consumer Base Hiked By 24% After Integrating Shopify Plus

TileCloud is an Australian tile brand that sells all their products online. The brand surpassed a monthly revenue of $1.2 million in just a few years. Tilecloud then expanded its business to include B2B consumers. However, their online website needs to be more efficient in providing them with detailed metrics of their website activities. 

So, TileCloud switched to Shopify Plus and created additional B2B stores with different prices for wholesale consumers. Shopify also provided a custom view of website activity, which helped the brand analyze its consumers better. This led to 9improved decision-making and data-driven approaches. 

Here are the results TileCloud observed after integrating with Shopify Plus:

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  • The YoY customer conversion rate jumped to 28%.
  • B2B consumer signups on their website increased by 24%.
  • The average year-over-year order value grew by 34%. 
Results TileCloud observed
Source: Shopify

Shopify Augmented Reality And 3D Adoption Case Studies

AR and VR are the new trends in the ecommerce industry. The majority of ecommerce giants like Amazon offer their consumers a 3D view of the products they wish to purchase. 

Similarly, Shopify has advanced features that support the consumers to display the 3D models of their products. This reduces the return rates and, at the same time, increases the purchase rates as shoppers have the exact idea of what they are purchasing.

Here are some of the brands that utilized the AR/3D features on Shopify to increase conversion rates. 

13. Gunner Kennels’ Conversion Boosted By 40% After Using 3D/AR

 Gunner Kennels is a brand that produces heavy-duty kennels that help to transport your pets safely.  However, pets of different sizes need different sizes of kennels, and the challenge the brand faced was to provide correct information to the consumers so they could purchase the proper product on the first go.

Here, Gunner used SHopify’s native support for 3D models and augmented reality, which enables them to virtually place the kennel beside their pet and select the current size. As a result, the return rates decreased significantly, and conversion rates hiked up. 

Here are the benefits Gunner Kennels enjoyed after adopting AR/3D:

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  • The order conversion rates increased by 40%. 
  • The return rates of the products decreased by 5%.
  • The cart conversion rates increased by 3%. 
Benefits Gunner Kennels enjoyed
Source: Shopify

14. After interacting With The Products In 3D, Rebecca Minkoff’s Consumers Were 30% More Likely To Buy The Products

Rebecca Minkoff is a handbag brand that has adopted 3D modeling and AR on its product pages. This has served to be an effective way of connecting shoppers with the products they wish to purchase. 

Rebecca Minkoff incorporated the technology available to all the Shopify merchants and used augmented reality to add motion to the products. So, by just clicking and dragging, the consumers can take a detailed look at the full picture of every bag piece. Features like texture, shape, and structure can be easily viewed. 

Here are the advantages Rebecca Minkoff enjoyed after using AR.

  • After interacting with the product in 3D, shoppers are 44% more likely to add the item to their cart. 
  • After interacting with the products through AR, visitors are 65% more likely to order the product.
  • Consumers who interact with a product in 3D become 27% more likely to place an order. 
Advantages Rebecca Minkoff enjoyed
Source: Shopify

Shopify Collabs Case Studies

Shopify Collabs assists businesses in creating connections with the creators through market-style-app. Businesses and brands can connect directly with the creators by sending direct invites, sending offers for instant commissions and more. 

Let’s see how brands utilize Shopify Collabs to level their marketing game. 

15. After Using Shopify Collabs, Duradry Saw A 29% Decrease In Customer Acquisition Costs

 Duradry was initially created due to the annoyance of deodorant products not working. Now, the brand has launched a range of products with scientifically-backed ingredients.

The  Duradry team was usually invested in creating new marketing tactics that helped them to reach new consumers, spread awareness, and engage the Duradry community. With this increased advertising, the customer acquisition costs increased. 

Duradry wanted to reduce CAC costs, work with creators, and find new consumers or influencers who could promote their products. 

Here, the brand shifted to Shopify collaboration and just, within seven months, grabbed these achievements:

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  •  Duradry has a community of over 250 members.
  • Generated $50,000 in sales.
  • The consumer acquisition costs decreased by 29%.
Brand shifted to Shopify collaboration
Source: Shopify

16. Sologaard’s Creator Generated Revenue Grew By 287% MoM With Shopify Collabs

 Sologaard is a premium brand for travel and lifestyle goods. The brand uses ocean-bound plastic in its travel gear and fabrics. With every purchase, Sologaard cleans up six pounds of plastic from constable communities.

So, to promote this mission and grow their brand, Sologaard needed strong marketing. Collabs helped the brand connect and collaborate with influencers and ambassadors with similar values. 

Further, Sologaard has also leveraged affiliate tier features and provides ambassadors with customized referral links and discount codes. 

After adopting Shopify Collab, Sologaard has found a highly focused community and has expanded its program. Plus, since the brand started to use Collab actively, the average revenue through creators grew 287% month-over-month. 

Here are other benefits that Sologaard enjoyed:

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  • Over 50 brand ambassadors
  • Total affiliate sales of over $50,000 within just 6 months.
  • 287% month-over-month growth in the average revenue generated by creators. 
Sologaard’s Creator Generated Revenue
Source: Shopify

Shopify Partners Case Studies

Shopify has a partner program that allows designers, marketers, developers, and affiliates to utilize Shopify APp to build themes, apps, and ecommerce websites. Shopify partners earn a monthly revenue by referring clients to Shopify. 

Here are some Shopify success stories that became a reality due to the hard work of Shopify Partners. 

17. Verbal+Visual Helped Jonathan Adler Boost Their Revenue By 163% With Shopify

Jonathan Adler is an international home decor brand. Their business was doing great both online and offline. However, they had multiple tools that didn’t integrate, leading to a waste of resources. 

To seek help, they contacted Verbal+Visual, an NY-based e-commerce growth agency that is also a Shopify partner.  Verbal+Visual helped Jonathan Adler’s brand to switch to Shopify. This project required 6 months, and the brand successfully migrated to Shopify Plus and Shopify POS. 

After migration to Shopify, Jonathan Adler observes that:

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  • The average order value increased by 17%.
  • The conversion rates of the brand increased by 65%.
  • The revenue spiked by 163%. 
Shopify Jonathan Adler observes
Source: Shopify

18. Bluegg Increased The Conversion Rates Of Character.com By 40% By Migrating To Shopify

Character.com sells character-based clothing for kids and adults online. Their online business was doing great. But the director had another plan. After revamping the brand’s logo, the brand needed to redesign and rebuild its website, so they approached  Bluegg, a Shopify partner. 

It was a tough project for  Bluegg as Character.com already had a complex store with a number of integrations, solid SEO rankings, and thousands of products. But its UX, mobile experience and navigation needed improvements. 

Bluegg successfully helped Character.com migrate to Shopify Plus. Here are the results the brand experienced after migrating to Shopify Plus. 

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  • The conversion rates on their website increased by 40%.
  • Mobile conversion rates increased by 65%. 
  • The bounce rate of the site decreased by 10%. 
  • 17% growth in the average order value.
  • 33% increase in pages viewed per session. 
  • The revenue witnessed a 300% YoY increase. 
Bluegg successfully helped Character.com
Source: Shopify

Conclusion – Turn Inspiration into Shopify Growth

That was all about Shopify and how it helped different brands, retailers, and B2B businesses scale up by adopting Shopify Plus, Shopify POS, 3D/AR, and more. 

These case studies offer insights into how different brands and businesses leverage Shopify features to upscale their stores. Hence, if you are looking forward to migrating to Shopify and searching for growth strategies to upscale your business, these case studies will surely help you. 


What percentage of Shopify stores are successful?

Only 5% to 10% of the Shopify Stores are successful. Less than 20% of commerce businesses are successful, and on average, only 10% of ecommerce businesses succeed on average.

How long does it take for a Shopify store to be profitable?

It takes a minimum of 12 months of full-time efforts to make Shopify stores profitable. However, this varies depending on the niche of your products and the demand of your products in the marketplace. 

How many Shopify Plus merchants are there?

There are over 1.75 million Shopify merchants from 175 countries worldwide. This number includes the merchants that have Shopify. Shopify Plus and Shopify POS stores. 

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